Video-DVDs 2016

FEI European Vaulting Championships Junior Le Mans 2016



All Videos of the Junior European Vaulting Championships in Le Mans 2016 are availlable in 3 complete packages.

-Paket 1: Compulsories

Junior Female Compulsories (Round 1)
Junior Male Compulsories (Round 1)
Junior Squad Compulsories

Runtime ca. 164 Min.

-Paket 2: Freestyle

Junior Female Freestyle (Round 1)
Junior Male Freestyle (Round 1)
Junior Pas de Deux (Round 1)
Junior Squads Freestyle 1

Runtime ca. 171 Min.

-Paket 3: Finals

DVD1: Individuals
Junior Female + Male Finals Top-15
Compulsories + Freestlye
Opening Ceremony
Runtime ca. 150 Min.

DVD2: Squads + Pas de Deux
Junior Squads Freestyle 2
Junior Pas de Deux (Round 2)
Medal Ceremony
Runtime ca. 136 Min.