Video-DVDs 2017

FEI Junior World Championships Ebreichsdorf 2017



All Videos of the Junior World Vaulting Championships in Ebreichsdorf 2017 are availlable in 3 complete packages. Opening + Medal Ceremony are availlable on separate optional DVD.
Here you can order Photo-DVDs of Barny Thierolf

All Videos are also availlable in Full HD Quality here

-Paket 1: Compulsories

DVD1: Individuals
Junior Female Compulsories
Junior Male Compulsories
Runtime ca. 130 Min.

DVD2: Squads
Junior Squads Compulsories
Runtime ca. 98 Min.

-Paket 2: Freestyle

DVD1: Individuals
Junior Female Freestyle (Round 1)
Junior Male Freestyle (Round 1)
Runtime ca. 127 Min.

DVD2: Squads + Pas de Deux
Junior Pas de Deux (Round 1)
Junior Squads Freestyle 1
Runtime ca. 111 Min.

-Paket 3: Finals

DVD1: Individuals
Junior Female + Male Finals Top-15
Compulsories + Freestlye incl. Kiss & Cry
Runtime ca. 142 Min.

DVD2: Squads + Pas de Deux
Junior Pas de Deux (Round 2) incl. Kiss & Cry
Junior Squads Freestyle 2 incl. Kiss & Cry
Runtime ca. 127 Min.

Optional: Opening + Medal Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony (85 Min.) and
Medal Ceremonies (74 Min.) are not included
in any of the packages, they can be ordered
as optional DVD.
Runtime ca. 159 Min.