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FEI Junior World Championships Ebreichsdorf 2017 - HD

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The Videos of the Junior World Vaulting Championships in Ebreichsdorf 2017 contain all competitions and ceremonies.

All Videos are also availlable in Video-DVD Quality here

There are 7 Videos of the whole event:

Video-1: Compulsories Individuals

Junior Female Compulsories
Junior Male Compulsories

Runtime: 130 Minutes.

Video-2: Compulsories Squads

Junior Squads Compulsories

Runtime: 98 Minutes.

Video-3: Freestyle Individuals

Junior Female Freestyle (Round 1)
Junior Male Freestyle (Round 1)

Runtime: 127 Minutes.

Video-4: Freestyle Squads + Pas de Deux

Junior Pas de Deux (Round 1)
Junior Squads Freestyle 1

Runtime: 111 Minutes.

Video-5: Finals Individuals

Junior Female + Male Finals Top-15
Compulsories + Freestlye incl. Kiss & Cry

Runtime: 142 Minutes.

Video-6: Finals Squads + Pas de Deux

Junior Pas de Deux (Round 2) incl. Kiss & Cry
Junior Squads Freestyle 2 incl. Kiss & Cry

Runtime: 127 Minutes.

Video-7: Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremony and Medal Ceremonies Junior+Senior

Runtime: 159 Minutes.