Coupe D'Opale Calais 2011

Coupe D'Opale Calais 2011



The DVDs of Coupe D'Opale Calais 2011 contain the complete competition, All Around and Apparatus Finals.
Also the Medal Ceremonies, Training&Warm-Up and the Demonstrations have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

The DVDs are Region-Free and in PAL-TV-Format 16:9, which is compatible to most Televisions worldwide.

There are 6 DVDs of the whole event, 14 hours video:

DVD1 contains Junior All Around incl. Medal Ceremony.

Runtime: 187 Minutes

DVD2 contains Senior All Around and Senior Groups All Around incl. Medal Ceremony.

Runtime: 150 Minutes

DVD3 Apparatus Finals of Junior, Senior and Groups incl. Medal Ceremony and the Demonstrations.

Runtime: 173 Minutes

DVD4 113 Minutes Training & Warm-Up.

Runtime: 113 Minutes

DVD5 110 Minutes Training & Warm-Up.

Runtime: 110 Minutes

DVD6 Photo-Shooting with gymnasts of Calais GRS and Delphine Ledoux.

Runtime: 120 Minutes