Grand-Prix Holon 2011

Grand-Prix Holon 2011



The DVDs of Grand Prix Holon 2011 contain the whole competition, All-Around and Apparatus Finals.
Also the Prize-Giving Ceremonies, the Gala-Shows and a lot of training have been filmed and are on the DVDs. Our trip to Jerusalem and Dead Sea and some impressions of the Banquet Beach Party are also on the DVDs.

The DVDs are Region-Free and in PAL-TV-Format 16:9, which is compatible to most Televisions worldwide.

There are 7 DVDs of the whole event, 18 hours video:

DVD1 contains Junior All Around and Junior-Groups.

Runtime: 187 Minutes

DVD2 contains Senior All Around (Seniors not taking part at Grand-Prix) and Medal Ceremony.

Runtime: 177 Minutes

DVD3 contains Grand-Prix Senior All Around
Place 14 - 26 and Medal Ceremony.

Runtime: 115 Minutes

DVD4 ontains Grand-Prix Senior All Around
Place 01 - 13 and Medal Ceremony.

Runtime: 118 Minutes

DVD5 contains Grand-Prix Apparatus Finals, Gala-Show and Medal Ceremony.

Runtime: 141 Minutes

DVD6 contains Training & Warm-Up in the Training Hall (137 Minutes) and Trip to Jerusalem.

Runtime: 192 Minutes

DVD7 contains Podium-Training on Competition Floor (90 Minutes), Trip to Dead Sea and Banquet-Party.

Runtime: 198 Minutes