Pader-Gym-Cup Paderborn 2015

Pader-Gym-Cup Paderborn 2015



The DVDs of Pader-Gym-Cup in Paderborn 2015 contain the complete competition of all categories and all Finals.
Also the Opening Ceremony, Medal Ceremony and Gala-Show have been filmed and are on the DVDs.

There are 4 DVDs of the whole event:

DVD1: AA Level 1-3l
All Around Level 1 A/B, Level 2 A/B, Level 3 A/B

Runtime: 163 Minutes.

DVD2: AA Level 4-6
All Around Level 4 A/B, Level 5 A, Level 6 A/B
Opening Ceremony

Runtime: 168 Minutes.

DVD3: Finals Level 3-4A
RG-Groups, Finals Level 3 A/B, Level 4 A

Runtime: 136 Minutes.

DVD4: Finals Level 4B - 6
Finals Level 4 B, Level 5 A, Level 6 A/B
Medal Ceremony

Runtime: 130 Minutes.